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5 Promotional Products to Increase Brand Exposure

Online marketing efforts are crucial for today’s businesses, but promotional items do great work when you want to increase exposure for a company. The problem for many brands is knowing where to start. If you are searching for a product to promote your business, here are five Holden Brand options to consider.

1. Coffee mugs. Thinking of your target market’s behaviors is a great way to approach promotional products. Every office has a coffee culture on some level, and branded mugs allow you to get valuable exposure every time someone needs a refill. In fact, it is difficult to find many adults who do not drink coffee. This product is a winner on many levels.

2. Beach towels. Beach towels with your brand logo and company name serve as great promotional products. They can get a lot of exposure in warm-weather climates or deliver the perfect exclamation point for a summer promotion. Whether you want to use durable materials or lighter one-off materials, beach towels offer plenty of exposure.

3. USB flash drives. Technology companies may struggle to find promotional items in a digital world. Why not try something compact and useful like USB flash drives? Everyone can put these tools to use. Flash drives don’t have expiration dates and offer additional impressions with various unique styles offered at  

4. Reusable tote bags. Reusable bags are useful, environmentally friendly and a nice accessory when designed right. Marketing studies indicate they offer the most exposure (measured in impressions) among the big collateral materials. They are also used longer than other products. Bags for carrying wine bottles, reusable shopping bags and high-end designs are available.

5. Calendars. If there is one item that can be used every day of the year, it is the calendar. Offering your customers an attractive branded calendar will go a long way toward reminding them to call you the next time they need services or products from a company in your industry.

There are countless promotional products to boost exposure and attract business. Let Holden Brand design the perfect product for you. For more information please visit or contact us at (800) 605.3905.

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