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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A variety of events around the world are organized in October to bring awareness to breast cancer. These events recognize, show support, and raise proceeds that go towards finding a cure for breast cancer. The Susan G. Komen Foundation organizes fun runs, walks and rides around the world. Harley Davidson sells pink lapel pins and gives a percentage of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Pink illuminated landmark buildings light up the midnight sky around various cities - including the Bank of American Plaza in Downtown Dallas. The NFL incorporates pink on and off the field. Comic strip artists use pink in their illustrations. The ideas and applications to support the awareness of breast cancer have become endless.

Holden rallied the "Troops" together in fashion by embroidering our pink logo on FlexFit CAMO-Caps. It was a fun way to take a break from the work day and get everyone together to recognize breast cancer awareness month.

Contact your Holden Representative today for various ideas on how you can show support as well.

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