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Designing Products for a Professional Workplace and Memorable Brand

Every business owner has to figure out ways to attract customers while keeping employees happy at the same time. It is often a delicate balance, but you can use branded products to do double duty for you. Here are ways customized apparel and accessories can help your bottom line and improve employee loyalty.

Employee Uniforms and Custom Mugs
The thought of an employee uniform may sound drab and unappealing at first, but employers have very stylish options in the Holden catalog. Button-down shirts by Port Authority and District will make employees proud to put on a work uniform when they see the flattering fits and attractive coloring. Add subtle employee names or a company logo to make these custom shirts represent your business right. Custom mugs give you options whether you want to make a statement to clients or offer employees a special treat at the office. Labeled mugs allow each employee to get a personal cup for the office, while reusable travel mugs are great gifts for eco-friendly businesses. Clients take the reusable cups to cafes – for hot or iced coffee – and save a great deal of waste in the process.

Building Loyalty and Recognition
Employees who wear attractive uniforms at the office are more likely to stay in a job and show loyalty to management. The same goes when they have personalized mugs or other branded materials that show appreciation from employers. Establishing long-term relationships with employees is one proven way to run a successful business. As for branded items you hand out as promotions, these goods offer you the opportunity to court clients, reward customers, or otherwise attract attention to your company in a positive way. The best part is you control the volume and the cost of the merchandise. For building up brand recognition in a community or industry, you cannot go wrong with branded promotional items. Whether you need to build a following for your business or create a deeper bond with employees, let Holden Brand help you get the perfect product for your needs. For more information or to peruse our inventory please visit or contact us at (800) 605-3905.

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