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How to Launch the Perfect Holiday Promotion

As the holiday season approaches, business owners need to find ways to stand out in
their industry. Sales are always going to grab the attention of consumers, but promotional
products that last long after a purchase offer you a better opportunity. Why slash prices
when you can tempt shoppers with branded products that give your business exposure?

The Right Holiday Promotion

Business owners have many options when considering a holiday promotion. For areas
where plastic bags are banned, reusable tote bags are a great idea. For companies selling
surf or ski gear, sunblock, lip balms and beach towels are perfect add-ons for consumers
looking to spend money at your stores.

Ideally, you can find a product that sweetens the deal for consumers interested in your
brand. Customized chocolates or bundled sweets would give shoppers a way to stuff
stockings or make gifts even better. In other cases, shoppers might find the promotional
product appealing as a way to reward themselves when shopping for holiday gifts for

Holiday Promotions as Marketing Tools

Every time you sell an item that comes with a free promotional product, you have a
chance to increase exposure for your company. Beach towels, coffee mugs or t-shirts
bearing your brand name and logo offer your company a way to build awareness with a
small investment.

Giving your promotion a holiday theme is one technique worth considering. Mugs
featuring “Happy Holidays” will get a lot of use at the end of the year, but products with
a year-round approach may be a wiser to spend your money. After all, the holidays last
just weeks and there are many more months in the year when these products are out of
sight. Promotions during the holidays don’t necessarily need reindeer and snow themes.
During the holidays, there are so many sales attracting attention from consumers. Rather
than slashing prices on valuable goods, holiday promotions are a better way to build your
business. For more information and /or how we can help increase your brand value please
visit or contact us at (800) 605.39005.

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