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Movember - Holden Staches

Movember (a portmanteau from mustache and "November") is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers, and associated charities.

The men in the Holden office pledged to grow mustaches during the month of November. Holden raised a total of $2,043 for the Movember Foundation which put our ranking to about 1,450 nation wide.

Here are some fun statistics regarding the Movember Foundation.

World Wide - $68,276,500 raised.

Canada - $17 Million

USA - $15.3 Million

Australia - $15.1 Million

UK - 11 Million

Norway - 1 Million

#1 USA Team - $540,000

#100 USA Team - $12,000

Holden Staches - $2,043 Raised which put us at about 1,450 in the USA (this is excellent when looking at these HUGE numbers).

Thank you to those who donated. It was a fun experience and we believe it's for a good cause.

You can lean more about the Movember Foundation by going to

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