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The Power of Promotional Bags

Did you know that more than half of people (62%) who responded to a recent marketing resource survey have done business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional item? Promotional products are not only a great way to entice customers to make a purchase or obtain a service, they are also ideal for promoting brand recognition. However, promotional bags in particular have some terrific marketing benefits that companies and organizations might want to consider when it comes to their marketing campaigns.
Marketing Impressions 
Analysts have uncovered that promotional bags lead to 5,732 marketing impressions each year. No other promotional item seems to come close when it comes to this type of exposure. In fact, the next most 'impressionable' items are caps and they lag behind caps with 3,153 marketing impressions each year. T-shirts only rate 1,990 marketing impressions each year. While t-shirts cost an average of $.005 per impression, bags cost just $.001 per impression making them an extraordinary marketing value.
Brand Recognition 
Many companies invest in promotional items in order to build brand recognition. These items can reinforce a company's logo, name, and the type of services or products they offer. While pens and caps can also support brand recognition, their field is limited unlike a bag that can effectively showcase a company's brand and more. Bags are so successful at what they do that researches assert that 82% of people can identify an advertiser on a promotional bag. That's an amazing stat that should persuade advertisers to consider promo bags for supporting their marketing campaigns each year. Interestingly, researchers also found that 52% had a favorable impression of the brands they recognized on promotional bags and 59% of people did business with the company that provided them with a promotional bag.
The Potential of Promotional Bags 
Estimates suggest that 29% of Americans own a promotional bag. This means that 71% of Americans do not have one. This suggests that there is room for many more companies to capitalize on their marketing efforts by using promotional bags. Companies may also be interested to know that 20% of men own a promo bag while 37% of women do. Marketers will want to consider ways to use their statistics to their advantage and offer effective promo items like bags to secure more marketing impressions and enhance their overall ad campaigns.
Since promotional bags have a staying power of 6.3 months, marketers would do well to choose them as their marketing item of choice. While it's always ideal to choose a useful item that consumers are likely to keep around, t-shirts only 5.7 months of staying power and writing instruments only have 5.1 months of staying power. Therefore, companies' marketing dollars go much further when they choose promotional bags to enhance their marketing campaigns.

Bags have a staying power of 6.3 months more than t-shirts which is 5.7 writing instruments 5.1

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    Dave Whalley

    Very informative article, thanks for sharing. Promotional products are cost effective marketing tool. Having your company name and logo printed on these items will surely boost brand awareness for your business. While customer’s constant use of these items guarantees a lot of exposure for your brand.

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