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Promotional Tattoo Sleeve

If you want to demonstrate the "Ultimate Company Spirit", head to your local tattoo parlor and have them ink up your arm with logos, mission statements, and tag lines that align with your company's marketing/positioning efforts.

If the words absolute, committed, definite, unconditional, down right, 100% sure, devoted, pledged or faithful don't describe how your feel about your place of work, take the safe route and order some fake tattoo sleeves. They still let you show off your design, can be shared with your co-workers, aren't permanent, and can be removed when you're not in "Ultimate Company Spirit" mood.

You can order pre-designed sleeves with empty space to print your company logo or use the whole canvas and go wild with your own personalized design.

We took a picture of two Holden folks side by side. One REAL and one FAKE. Can you tell which is which?

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