Products & Services We Provide

Holden provides a full range of branded apparel for your company, from high-end performance clothing and items that are created from environmentally-friendly materials that include t-shirts, uniforms and other accessories. Each order is customized to your specifications, meaning that we include the business name, logo, colors and other features as well. We offer customizable options and the latest decorating techniques all on soft, durable fabrics that will last for years of normal use.

At Holden, we pride ourselves on creating high quality, affordable branded apparel for your company, providing that distinctive look for your employees or outfit attendees that attend special events.

There are a number of reasons why we believe that branded apparel
greatly helps to promote a company to customers and employees. Branded apparel
offers these advantages and more:

  • Promote Business Image

  • Solidifies Name Recognition

  • Promotes Team Unity Among Employees

  • Preserves Business Culture

For employees, wearing branded apparel has a practical and psychological
effect. The spirit of the company is founded in how employees dress and prepare
for their daily work. Wearing items that feature the business name, logo and
colors provides that sense of unity and teamwork among employees, as well as
the practical benefit of knowing what to wear at work.

For customers, seeing employees wearing branded apparel means
demonstrates their professionalism and promotes the company name as well. Think
of this type of apparel as a daily advertisement to all customers who see your
employees wearing these professional uniforms, t-shirts and other apparel.

Brands We Carry

  • Nike Golf
    Tiffany and Co.
    Fruit of the Loom
  • Swiss Army
    Ray Ban
    American Apparel
  • Puma
    Bella Canvas
  • Eddie Bauer
    Cutter & Buck
  • Movado Watches
    Michael Kors
  • Gildan
    Waterford Crystal
  • Brookstone