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Welcome to the Future of Smart Notebooks!

Holden Brand is excited to introduce the coolest gadget we’ve run across in a long time - The Rocketbook Everlast!

We all take notes in various situations and while many people love lugging their laptops to school or meetings, some of us traditionalists prefer a pen and paper over clicking away. Holding a notebook in your hand and turning the pages as you write is a satisfying, tangible experience. That’s where the Rocketbook Everlast comes into play as an invaluable resource to seamlessly, digitally store all your handwritten notes.

At first glance the Rocketbook could easily be mistaken for an old school notebook, but the old school feel is coupled with new school technology. Simply download the app, snap a quick scan of your handwritten notes, and then shoot them off to your preferred cloud service. The Rocketbook instantly converts your notes into digital files.

These smart notebooks are also endlessly reusable! Eco-friendly and practical, so you can say goodbye to lost or wasted papers, scratch outs, and cumbersome stacks of notebooks. They come with a FriXion pen and microfiber cloth that make each page erasable. Just add a dab of water to the cloth to wipe clean and you create a new blank sheet that can be reused forever. Welcome to the blissful marriage between analog and digital.

Rocketbook Everlasts are not only the creative organizational tool that elevates the note-taking experience, but also an affordable green solution to pesky stacks of paper. We at Holden are amped about this innovative product and encourage you to check out more fun-filled details at 

It’s not magic - it’s Rocketbook!

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