• Person with branded backpack and water bottle enjoying autumn day

    Three Ways To Fix Your Fall Marketing

    With The Autumn Season Upon Us, Is Your Brand Prepared? As a crisp breeze wafts in to replace the warmth of summer, the opportunities for B2B marketers to forge unique customer connections ripen. Fall is a season filled with transformation and tradition, offering a vibrant backdrop of marketing possibilities that only comes once a year. …

  • Santa hat on bag at beach

    Holden’s 2023 Holiday Marketing Trends

    B2B Marketing Trends To Move The Needle In 2023 (And Beyond!) Summer is still in full swing, but we know how these things go… before you know it, the days get shorter, the air begins to chill, and the holiday decorations will begin their annual migration to rooftops, windows, and office spaces. B2B marketers are …

  • Three B2B Marketing Trends That Deliver

    These Insights Are Key To Uniting Brands And Customers In the evolving landscape of B2B marketing, keeping up with the latest trends is not an option: it’s a business imperative. Rapid advancements are happening in dizzying succession: adaptations in technology and changing customer expectations, behaviors, and values have given rise to a new era of …

  • A person holds a branded whisky glass that contains an ice wedge.

    Why Corporate Gifting Is King

    How Brand Benevolence Can Influence Stakeholder Behaviors Here’s a scenario everyone would love to find themselves in: you’re sitting at your desk, fully engrossed in daily tasks, when you receive a notification from reception. There’s a package, and it’s addressed to you. Curiosity piqued, you open it to find a beautifully wrapped gift box. As …

  • branded golf day

    The Great Outdoors

    How A Little Time Under The Sky Can Help Your Brand Fly Picture this: it’s a beautiful, sunny day and the buzz of excitement fills the air as people gather outdoors for a company event, charity fundraiser, or community celebration. People are chatting, laughing, and gearing up for an afternoon of outdoor fun, ready to …

  • Welcome to the Future of Smart Notebooks!

    Holden Brand is excited to introduce the coolest gadget we’ve run across in a long time – The Rocketbook Everlast!  We all take notes in various situations and while many people love lugging their laptops to school or meetings, some of us traditionalists prefer a pen and paper over clicking away. Holding a notebook in …

  • Promotional Products

    The Benefits of Promotional Products for Businesses

    There are many things a business can try to gain more exposure in the industry and increase sales volumes. If your company has never tried promotional products, there are many benefits to consider. Here are ways branding goods with your company name can help a business grow and prosper.’SellingWhen you want to highlight a new product offering or move goods that are …

  • Designing Products for a Professional Workplace and Memorable Brand

    Every business owner has to figure out ways to attract customers while keeping employees happy at the same time. It is often a delicate balance, but you can use branded products to do double duty for you. Here are ways customized apparel and accessories can help your bottom line and improve employee loyalty. Employee Uniforms …

  • Promotional Tattoo Sleeve

    If you want to demonstrate the “Ultimate Company Spirit”, head to your local tattoo parlor and have them ink up your arm with logos, mission statements, and tag lines that align with your company’s marketing/positioning efforts. If the words absolute, committed, definite, unconditional, down right, 100% sure, devoted, pledged or faithful don’t describe how your …